News on the playable Prototype!

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Re: News on the playable Prototype!

Postby Risbo » 15 Aug 2011 17:31

Will it be playable on a Ion Netbook? I would love that!
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Re: News on the playable Prototype!

Postby keveronkeveron » 11 Oct 2011 19:39

kubluu wrote:But even though we will be playing with the prototype it is not certain that we will be releasing anything just yet, for testing or otherwise. Given that this is supposed to be a commercial enterprise we feel that we cannot be too rash in what we release.

This is a mistake.

Look at other Indie developers, like Notch of Minecraft, the couple who founded Taleworlds and made Mount and Blade, or the team that's making Kerbal Space Program. The question isn't "Do I release something to the public?" Time and time again it's been shown that the best way to drum up interest in your game is to release what you have so far. The real question is, "Do I charge people a fraction of the final price and give them free updates in return for free testing, or do I release it for free to reach a wider audience?" Notch and Taleworlds opted for the former, the KSP team the latter. Both have their merits and drawbacks.

But for the love of God, release SOMETHING. Prove to people that you have more than a video on hand. Otherwise, you're just another couple of dude who got halfway into a project and then abandoned it.
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