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All the little guys.

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2011 09:25
by thePyro_13
Somewhat prompted by the latest programmers twitter post: "Coding the AI for harvesting and gathering..."

And the upcoming release of the new Age of Empire: Online.

I've taken the time to think about how often I just sit, and watch all my minions(Dungeon Keeper)/workers(Age of games)/harvesters(Dune/Command and Conquer) doing their thing, building, carrying resources, or harvesting.

The goal of this thread, to talk about what kind of gathering or transporting of resources, we'll see in Conlan's Claim. And to post pictures of our favourite workers doing their jobs. They can be from any game, as long as they're working hard! :D

Bonus points if you find pictures from Conlan's Claim(though their doesn't seem to be any harvesting or working in any of the currently released media :cry:).

Here's one i found of many many SCV's working hard to gather minerals.