Who else is excited about this game

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Re: Who else is excited about this game

Postby Azazel » 01 Feb 2013 19:41

The art style reminds me a little of borderlands (comic style) and I absolutely love management games. A space colony simulation sounds like a fantastic concept and leads into a lot varying gameplay. I'm turly surprised with how many management games have been popping up, thanks to the interesting systems found in dwarf fortress.

While I know the game will not have the level of complexity as dwarf fortress, it can still be just as compelling.
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Re: Who else is excited about this game

Postby Trappin » 03 Feb 2013 23:25

The drawing style of the in-game graphics with the black outline and some cross-hatching is inspired by comic book artists like Moebius and Enki Bilal.

One example of influence on art direction here.
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Re: Who else is excited about this game

Postby Gen Havok » 09 Feb 2013 10:27

Just got to say I love everything I have read about the game on the site so far. Rediscovered the game from your reddit post you made on the indie gaming section showing the teaser.Well I think it was one of you guys that posted it.I had known about the game back when information was first being given about it but lost track of it as time went on.

Glad to had found it again,pretty much told everyone I know on steam that happen to be into sims/sim survival about it.Like myself they are gun ho to getting to be able to see how it is. If you guys are able to pull off the level of detailed content mentioned in the features section as well as anything else mentioned it will be fantastic. Good luck and cannot wait til we get a taste via that demo :)
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