Unclaimed World reminds me of Original War

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Unclaimed World reminds me of Original War

Postby aabaaiaaa » 06 Feb 2013 02:50

If anyone has played Original War, they will most definitely feel like Unclaimed World was the great grandson of it. Original War had the resourcefulness and difficulty that many games of it's type don't have.

I'm not looking for another Original War game, but if it's anything like it, then I can't wait to try out the demo!
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Re: Unclaimed World reminds me of Original War

Postby MoPed » 07 Feb 2013 15:54

Interesting, I didn't know that one. I can see that there's some similarity in the art style, and maybe in the survival aspect. There are big differences though, Unclaimed World is a simulation whereas Original War deals with scripted missions and events. We also don't have the direct control that you see in traditional RTS-games: you can't select a character and order him to do something. Instead you issue an order, and then see who takes up the task. (You are not a military commander).
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