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Similar games

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2013 14:05
by Nicknack
let's make a list of games which shares an aspect of Unclaimed World for inspirational purposes on the developer site and procrastination for the rest of us :D
I will start with some I know and ones already mentioned on these forum :


Space Exploration
  • Dwarf Fortress
    Probably the most complex simulation mechanism in a game, so complex it already produces interesting stories itself.
  • ?
I propose concentrating on games which really stand out of the crowd or features some aliens, but feel free to contribute as many as you like :) I could have mentioned some RPG's in the Survival section (like Albion), but none which incorporates strategic elements.

Re: Similar games

PostPosted: 07 Nov 2013 13:19
by RAdam
RimWorld, SpaceBase DB9 to name two recent alpha games.