Just a few suggestions....

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Just a few suggestions....

Postby ScriptWolf » 19 Dec 2010 22:41

well the first one would be to set up a Dev log to give all us outsides a look see to how things are doing in the game and what your planning next and so fourth. Also Try advertising your game and getting out there this game has soooo much potential and i really want to see this game finished!, ( if i was not a student i would be throwing money at you :D ).

Also for in game have you thought of adding individual limb damage and other damages to the characters in game, so its not just or he hes 40% HP, its OMG he is missing a leg and is bleeding through his eye sockets :o.

And finally if you want somewhere to come and talk about the game you can go to Bay12 forums, a few people are interested in the game and explaining it out and your intentions for it would certainly help you get a Fan Base.
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Re: Just a few suggestions....

Postby kubluu » 20 Dec 2010 11:31

Yes, now that there a people following the progress, it would make sense to have some kind of twitter service with development updates. I will look into it.

We probably feel it still a bit early to draw in lots of people with marketing though.

The body parts system is planned. It will be used for robots and vehicle parts as well.
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