Fatal error

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Fatal error

Postby jono » 08 Sep 2014 21:26

Fatal error
Whoops - fatal error. Press Ctrl-C to copy the contents of this dialog and paste the text into the forums:

Index was outside the bounds of the array.
Whoops - fatal error. Press Ctrl-C to copy the contents of this dialog and paste the text into the forums:
Map Position X:-1 Y:-1
Location X:0 Y:0
Is inside container: False
Binal rat carcass
ID: 4701
Entity still exists in entity factory. Entity is not null

at UWGame.SimSide.Jobs.HaulingJobManager.IsCurrentlyInThisStorage(ItemStorageCombo combo, IKnownEntityData itemData)

at UWGame.SimSide.Jobs.HaulingJobManager.ScoreItemLocation(RegionMap regionMap, Allegiance allegiance, ItemStorageCombo combo, IKnownEntityData itemData, Double airliftCapacityScore, Dictionary`2 cachedItemLocationScores, Nullable`1 notifyWhenFinished, Double& result, Boolean getPathsNow)

at UWGame.SimSide.Jobs.HaulingJobManager.ScoreCombo(RegionMap regionMap, Allegiance allegiance, Double airliftCapacityScore, Dictionary`2 cachedItemStorageScores, Dictionary`2 cachedItemLocationScores, Nullable`1 notifyWhenFinished, ItemStorageCombo combo, IKnownEntityData itemData, Double& score, Single& damageScore, Boolean getPathsNow)

at UWGame.SimSide.Jobs.HaulingJobManager.ScoreCombosAndCreateJobsOutOfBand(EntityGroup ownerOfHaulingJobs, List`1 allCombos)

at UWGame.SimSide.Jobs.HaulingJobManager.CreateHaulingJobsForItemOutOfBand(Entity item, EntityGroup ownerOfHaulingJobs)

at UWGame.SimSide.Entities.Entity.Kill(Nullable`1 ownerOfCarcassID, Nullable`1 causeOfDeathToLog, Nullable`1 killer)

at UWGame.SimSide.AI.Goals.GoalCollapse.ProcessWhileActive(GameTime elapsed)

at UWGame.SimSide.AI.Goals.Goal.Process(GameTime elapsed)

at UWGame.SimSide.AI.Goals.CompositeGoal.ProcessSubgoals(GameTime elapsed)

at UWGame.SimSide.AI.Goals.GoalThink.ProcessThink(GameTime elapsed)

at UWGame.SimSide.Entities.Intelligence.Update(GameTime time)

at UWGame.SimSide.Entities.Entity.Update(GameTime time)

at UWGame.SimSide.Overland.Site.Update(GameTime gameTime)

at UWGame.SimSide.Overland.World.Update(GameTime gameTime)

at UWGame.SimSide.Sim.Update(GameTime gameTime, Boolean otherScreenHasFocus, Boolean coveredByOtherScreen)

at UWGame.Control.Controller.Update(GameTime gameTime)
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Re: Fatal error

Postby kubluu » 01 Oct 2014 16:27

OK, we fixed this some time ago.
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