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Newsletter signup error

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2014 05:00
by Truthowl
I've signed up for the newsletter at least 3 times. I've never gotten anything from you regarding it so I've done it over and over again. Now I recently came back to check on progress and see that closed beta testing is being done, that your on Steam Greenlight and... I just tried signing up for the newsletter again and got this error:

'ยป -99:Could not connect (ERR 155501144: )'

I use Firefox 26.0 with a few add-ons on a Windows 7 64bit system.

Wish I had seen you come to Steam so I could have added my vote. I've been following Unclaimed World since it was called Conlan's Claim, or something like that. I added it to favorites a long, long time ago and my only way to find out news has been to remember to return to your website to check.

Congratulations on getting Greenlit and also on the closed beta stage. :D

Re: Newsletter signup error

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2014 12:23
by MoPed
Thanks for this info, I'm checking with the newsletter provider to see if it's something that needs fixing. I've added you manually to the list after you sent us an email to:
info at unclaimedworld-game dot com

(If anyone else has this problem signing up, please send us an email at that address and we'll add you.)

Thank you for remembering us - good to have you back!