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Open Beta

Postby DK312 » 24 Feb 2014 19:14

are there plans for an open beta, or will a demo version be released after the closed beta?

really interested how this game will turn out!
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Re: Open Beta

Postby MoPed » 26 Feb 2014 15:43

The way we envision it is that there will be what Steam calls Early Access. This will start with Early access to the survival episode (Episode 1: The lost Explorers) and will go on for some months where we polish and add features until we stop adding new stuff to that episode. It's a process going from alpha to beta to release version.
Then we'll start working on developing new stuff to a new episode called Episode 2: Little House on the Space Prairie (working title!!!). This will also have early access and go from alpha to beta to release version.

Hopefully, this will mean that players with little patience for unfinished games can play a well-rounded game of Episode 1 while the more bug-tolerant players can start playing the unfinished next episode. But all players have access to both episodes through their one-time purchase.

During this, we will of course always have closed bug testing (just like we have now) which serves to find the more horrific bugs.

Another thing: Since the episodes use the same game engine, we most make sure that changes we make to Episode 2 will not negatively impact Episode 1...that's something for us to figure out.
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