Unclaimed World Inqury

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Unclaimed World Inqury

Postby AstronauticalFerret » 17 Jul 2014 10:47

Hello. I just bought this game on Steam and must start off by saying that I find it quite relaxing to play. The learning curve is a simple challenge that is somewhat refreshing as well.

As a fan of the game I am curious onto what the Dev's are up to on this game so far as the development of the game. What all is being worked on as far as bug fixes, environmental balancing, species development for both fauna and flora, and designing new ways to build/defend? Note, I'm only asking here as I can't find information anywhere else.
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Re: Unclaimed World Inqury

Postby MoPed » 29 Jul 2014 11:48

Thanks for buying- I'm glad you find the game enjoyable!

Sorry for the late answer - a lot of the forum activity takes place on the Steam forum (because it's the only place you can buy the game at the moment) and there you can find some older posts where different game mechanics are being discussed - but we want this forum active as well of course.

Yesterday we made an update where the creature behavior has been improved - they will now eat carcasses and food items that are left unprotected in the open. See a video here: http://youtu.be/R7vyVxblsyE We want to keep working on animal behavior and make them more connected with the environment - the next step should be to make plant eaters able to harvest food from trees. These are steps towards making a solid ecosystem one day. And we will introduce more animals, such as the ones you see in the older teaser video from 2012.

Right now we're working on the sandbox map which is a type of game where you will be able to get immigrants to join your settlement as well as supply drops from a friendly home base. You can see a mockup of this here: http://unclaimedworld-game.com/wp-conte ... ockup3.jpg
The difficulty levels in these scenarios will be defined by the type of technology you have access to. In some, the colonists will have access to a molecular assembler, which is a mini factory the size of a refrigerator which can produce almost anything you want, electronic devices and items with extreme properties such as knives made of diamond that are able to cut through stone.
So difficulty/challenge-wise, what becomes important is the placement on the timeline and the circumstances surrounding your expedition - have they got a good relationship with the main colony or have they been chased away for some reason. When does the scenario take place - right after planetfall (like in the existing "Twinkler Island" scenario) or does it take place later in the future, where the humans for example have faced some difficulties and their society has regressed.
That's why we're working on some back stories to set the framework for the following scenarios.

Along the way, we add improvements to the UI and functionality, making the game even easier to play and understand - for example, the fences are in need of an overhaul, but it's a complicated matter to make fences useful because of the risk of the builders being trapped on the wrong side of the fence when building...

And of course, a big thing that we continually work on is the missing Save/Load functionality.

These are some of the things we have on our plate at the moment.
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Re: Unclaimed World Inqury

Postby odysseus154 » 17 Aug 2014 02:34

Any word on development?
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Re: Unclaimed World Inqury

Postby kubluu » 18 Aug 2014 18:43

Currently we are working on allegiance statistics in areas such as hunger, safety and comfort. This will be used to direct the migration rate to/from the expedition.
Also making planners for animal allegiances to hunt and scout for food. And as ever the save/load feature is being worked on.
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